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for working with Ramshackle Games resin models

Thanks for buying from Ramshackle Games. The pieces are all very versatile, and can be combined in loads of ways. There are a few things to consider when handling these pieces.

The first is safety. The resin pieces supplied are safe to handle, and non toxic if eaten. However, they aren't a food and may have contaminants on them, so don't put them in your mouth! Also, the dust from them is not good to breathe. If you are working them you should wear a dust mask and probably safety goggles too. Bits of armour plate may look awesome on a model, but don't look so good protruding from your eye! I'm not suggesting you would stick them there on purpose, but while cutting, shrapnel is a hazard. Also, wash your hands after handling resin. Ok, safety bit over.

Ramshackle Games resin models cast them from polyester resin. This has the advantages of being easy to cast and cost effective. It has the disadvantage that it can be a bit brittle. Take care when cleaning the models up, they can be easy to snap. If you want to use an armour plate as a base, or somehow sticking out of your model, its best to reinforce it. This can be done easily by gluing some card or styrene sheet to the back. You can also layer up the plates for added durability.

Some of the pieces may need filing to achieve a good fit during assembly. This can be done with a large metal-working file. Alternatively, placing sand paper flat on your work area is another good way to flatten the backs of pieces.

Please wash your models before gluing or painting. A wax release agent is used in the moulds and petroleum jelly is used in the casting space. Wash the parts in luke-warm water with some washing up liquid detergent and a toothbrush. Not your mum or wifes tooth brush though, eh?

Super glue or epoxy glue are best for attaching parts and assembly. Super glue is recommended. The glue dries stronger than the resin, so it is a good adhesive to use. However, it can be a bit of a pain! The glue dissolves the resin slightly, meaning setting times can be extended. The best way to solve this problem is to use a small amount of putty. Procreate or Kneadadite "green stuff" are good putties to use, but plasticine works well too. Simply attach a small blob of the putty to one of the surfaces to be joined before bringing them together. The glue will bond to the putty very rapidly, allowing easy and safe positioning of the parts. Be sure not to use too much putty though, as this may make the final joint weak. Use just enough putty to hold the parts while the glue hardens. Once set, the joint will be very strong.

Polyester resin can be bent when its warm. Make a mug of hot water from the kettle. Put the piece to be bent into the water for about half a minute, then carefully remove with tweezers or pliers. The piece will be flexible until it cools, then will become rigid again. Use a former, such as a flat surface or piece of pipe to either flatten or curve the bit you are bending.

We would love to see any photos of the stuff you make with Ramshackle Games parts. Please send any comments or photos to or through our web site, or on facebook.

Also any feedback would be greatly appreciated. How do you likethe pieces? What will you be making with them? Please tell us about any broken pieces!