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Playing "Mayhem in Junktown"

At Ramshackle Games we love playing games. We love nothing more than the chance to get our models on the table. Therefore we have decided to play a campaign called "Mayhem in Junktown". As the campaign was written by Sam, so he has donned the illustrious mantle of Campaign Organiser. The Campaign can be played by up to 18 players, but its pretty hard to schedule games for that many people who actually have lives outside of games!

So in the end, there were seven of us playing. We agreed to meet at least once a week to game, but obviously this isn't necessarily going to happen! The players and their gangs are as follows:

  • Dunk- He has a motor bike gang named The Red Rag Ironstrike Gang
  • Sam- Doctor Special's Outland Party Boys are a gang who know the meaning of their name! They drive around in their modded truck, "The Party Van"
  • Curt(Thats me)- My gang is led by the cannibal Golg. I decided they would be an outlaw gang, fast raiders, mainly on bikes, with a wagon to haul off plunder.
  • Simon- Simon's gang is a platoon of lost soldiers, still hanging onto discipline, training and long out of date orders.
  • Thor- As with his name, Thor decided to theme his gang around the viking gods and named them the Asgard Five.
  • Seba- Controls a gang of hoodlums, intend on ransacking the countryside and taking what they need!
  • Gill- Stanton and his Scrap Knights are under the charge of Gill. Hardy warriors with no nonsense attitudes.

So with the players assembled, our troubles began! The campign turns are resolved on the game map. Each player moves to take control of new map sectors. Nobody met in combat, but as neither Seba nor Simon could actually make it to the meeting, we had to ask them to give us written orders. Turn two was handled similarly, although a game was generated. Dunk decided he would take Nortone from the Asgard Five.

What a game that was! Dunk had only had a couple of intro games previously, but had read the rules and was fairly confident with the game play. Thor had never played, nor read the rules, and so was playing intuitively. The game only lasted a single turn! Dunk advanced with some of his bikes before Thor brought in his vehicle, a super fast people carrier. He crashed headlong into the lead biker. Miraculously the bike survived and this gave Dunk a rather skewed idea of the resilience of his bikers. He decided the best course of action was to launch a full scale assault against a fast moving vehicle, and raced all his bikes straight into combat. By the combat phase, almost everyone was engaged in melee.

Duncan, to his credit, did manage to kill all of Thor's gang, mighty as they were. However, the result of killing a driver is that the vehicle will go out of control. As fate would have it, the dice roll sent the out of control vehicle careering straight through Dunk's bikers, causing mayhem! Men, women, bikes and debris scattered in all directions, it was messy but great fun. I like to imagine the scene: five bikers racing against a fast moving quad. The bikers hurling their spears without a moment thought of their own safety, harpooning all of the opposing gang. Then the next instant when they realise what they actually done, and the resultant crash. It was a great game to watch and taught valuable lessons about the rashness of head on rams and spinning out.

So with the campaign underway and a precedent set for amusing gaming we proceeded as by the rules. Updates will be posted as we play our games, along with pictures of the gangs and articles by the other players. Who will be the eventual winner? What problems will arise to break the rule set? The future holds the answer...