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Welcome to our downloads page. Here you can find rules for our games, scenarios and other interesting tridlins. We will be adding more in the future.

Our downloads are free. Permission is given to copy or print for personal use only. Please do not make any alterations to any files. Parties having these files stored in any format may not sell or charge any money for them in any way. Copyright is owned by Ramshackle Games. All rights reserved. By downloading any files you automatically agree to the above conditions.


The latest version of the Ramshackle Games Catalogue

Nuclear Renaissance

This is 22meg complete copy of the game. You can buy a printed version in our shop.

Download FULL latest version of the rules.

Dunger Derby Rules

This is the printer friendly version of the rules.

The Tome of Tridlins, Reference pages

This is a file with all the reference material needed for playing Nuclear Renaissance: The Tome of Tridlins. It contains gang sheets for orgaisng your forces. It has all the tables, the newset versions which supercede those in the Nuclear Renaissance rule book. The index pages for the book are included too. The index has all the skills, abilities and upgrades listed with a handy reference guide as well as page number. Please note, the rules are abbreiviated, so a copy of the Tome of Tridlins will be needed to play.

Please click here for the Reference Sheets

The Tome of Tridlins, Muties

Here is a sample from the Tome of Tridlins, which is an expansion for Nuclear Renaissance. This sample contains all the rules needed for making and using Mutants in your Nuclear Renaissance games. This version is low resolution for quick web viewing.

Please click here for the free sample

Tridlins Sample